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I just cried. I'm not an especially tearful person for the most part so that was kind of odd. Lisette and I went to the cinema last night. It's our wedding anniversary on Monday and Lisette is due to give birth in a months time. So we felt an outing was in order - probably our last outing for quite some time. We saw a film called " Boyhood ". It moved me. It's a film pretty much like no other. You see a boy, Mason, age from about 7 to 19. It's amazing. It's not full of big drama - but it is full of the kind of things that happen when you grow up. It made me remember the things that happened to me when I was younger. I should say that my own life was easier than Mason's - there were far less genuinely scary adults in my own upbringing. But so many of the things that happen reminded me of things I'd forgotten. At one point Mason goes "camping" with friends in a semi-built house and they smash up bits of wood and throw ci