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Mum and Dad's 40th Wedding Anniverary

Lisette, Benjamin and cousin Isaac On the occasion of Mum and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary I was prompted into making a speech. Not my natural thing really but it went okay - give or take a little (welcome) heckling from various Aunties present... I thought I'd put the notes of the speech up here - they're pretty much left as I had them on the day and you'll notice the occasional PROMPT FOR ME TO ASK THE PEOPLE PRESENT SOMETHING in caps. This is the speech: Thanks for coming to Mum and Dad / Ann and Mark's 40th wedding anniversary. I've been asked if I'd say a few words. I wanted to talk about how we came to be here. How Mum and Dad came to be the people they are. As far as I know, Mum and Dad met at York University where they were both reading Physics. I've done my sums and I'M GUESSING THIS WAS AROUND 1970? Back then you used to be paid to go to university in the form of a government grant. (Funny how things change.) Dad, upon